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Trip to Bhangarh: Asia's Most Haunted Place

Movie, 2014, 112 minutes
Trip to Bhangarh: Asia's Most Haunted Place
To amuse themselves, six college friends decide to pay a visit to a fortress believed by some to be the most haunted place in Asia.
The movie Trip to Bhangarh: Asia's Most Haunted Place was released in 2014 and lasts 112 minutes. Suitable for mature audiences only. This movie is Scary.

Trip to Bhangarh: Asia's Most Haunted Place on IMDB

Score: 2.7 of the 10

In a college reunion party, six friends plan to visit a haunted place called 'Bhangarh' and spend some time together. Unaware about the dangers lurking at this place, they come across a unique history and a number of unknown things about the place. Will these unusual things turn their life upside down?

Actors in Trip to Bhangarh: Asia's Most Haunted Place

Audio and subtitles

Audio: Hindi
Subtitles: English

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