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The Swan Princess

De Zwanen Prinses
Movie, 1994, 89 minutes, 1.163.279 reviews
The Swan Princess
Based on the tale of "Swan Lake," this animated feature tells the story of Odette, a sweet girl who's turned into a graceful swan by a sorcerer.
The movie The Swan Princess was released in 1994 and lasts 89 minutes. This "Swan Lake"-inspired fantasy features the voices of John Cleese, Jack Palance and Sandy Duncan. Suitable for viewing by all ages.

The Swan Princess on IMDB

Score: 6 of the 10

A power hungry sorcerer transforms a princess into a swan by day in this tale of everlasting love.

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Audio and subtitles

Audio: Spanish;French;Dutch;English;German
Subtitles: French;English;Spanish;German;Italian

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