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The Boss Baby: Family Business

Movie, 2021, 107 minutes
The Boss Baby: Family Business
Templeton brothers Ted and Tim keep it all in the family and team up with Tim's daughter, Tina, to thwart a dastardly villain's plot.
The movie The Boss Baby: Family Business was released in 2021 and lasts 107 minutes. Alec Baldwin, James Marsden and Amy Sedaris lend their voices to this sequel to the Oscar-nominated "The Boss Baby." rude humor, mild language and some action. The Boss Baby: Family Business is available on Netflix in Ultra HD/4K quality as long as you have the right Netflix membership plan This movie is Goofy.

Actors in The Boss Baby: Family Business


Audio and subtitles

Audio: English - Audio Description;English [Original];French;Hindi;Cantonese;Mandarin
Subtitles: Arabic;English;French;Simplified Chinese;Traditional Chinese

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