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The American Dream Project

Show, 2015
The American Dream Project
A British ex-pat New Yorker and his American buddy take a motorcycle journey across the U.S. to see if the spirit of American optimism still exists.
The show The American Dream Project was released in 2015. Parental guidance suggested This show is Inspiring.

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Score: 7.7 of the 10

The American Dream lives on in James Marshall's American Dream Project. Like the heroes of American Literature, James and his friend Todd took off cross country for the ride of their lives armed with just $250, their wits, and a healthy sense of adventure. James is an idealistic British born New Yorker who's Patriotism for America has not faltered since he first moved here 7 years ago. However, he is increasingly saddened by cynicism and the loss of hope he hears all around him. We are constantly bombarded by negative news about how bad America is, how America's future is dark and the American dream is not possible for most of it's citizens. To top it off, reality TV consistently highlights the worst of America. Combined; we are left with a self-loathing image. In this original, authentic and beautifully filmed series, we see James: an adventurous Englishman fall even deeper in love with America. And Todd, an enthusiastic American, see his own country in a whole new light. These two friends only stay with the everyday Americans they meet on the road, from the biggest city, to the smallest town, and everything in between. We hear the backgrounds and challenging stories of real Americans. We witness their views on America today and America tomorrow... what they think is right and wrong... BUT, more importantly, we learn how they are moving forward. Through the eyes of someone new to America, The American Dream Project proves that there are more good people than bad, that we have more in common than not, and that the American Spirit as well as it's Dream, is as strong as ever. To tell his story, Cole Haan partnered with Marshall's production company, Happy Marshall Productions, to bring The American Dream Project to life. James' objective was simple: reverse the negative sentiment Americans and the media are (more often than not) associating with "America." By using social media to connect with people, plot their course, put a roof over their heads at night and work for their keep, they were able to document and showcase that The American Dream and the optimistic spirit that built this country is very much so still alive. And now it's time to share it with the world.

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