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Ready to Mingle

Movie, 2019, 97 minutes
Ready to Mingle
After the man she thought she'd marry breaks up with her, Ana joins a class for single women who are in search of a husband.
The movie Ready to Mingle is a Netflix Original and was released in 2019 and lasts 97 minutes. Starring Cassandra Ciangherotti ("Tiempos Felices") as Ana and Juan Pablo Medina ("The House of Flowers") as Diego. For mature audiences. May not be suitable for children 17 and under.This movie is Romantic.

Ready to Mingle on IMDB

Score: 6.5 of the 10

A wannabe bride seeks professional help to find a husband and, in the process, finds herself.

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Audio and subtitles

Audio: English;Spanish - Audio Description;Spanish [Original];Brazilian Portuguese
Subtitles: German;English;Spanish;French;Italian

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