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Mike Epps: Under Rated & Never Faded

Movie, 2009, 69 minutes, 469.074 reviews
Mike Epps: Under Rated & Never Faded
Actor and stand-up comedian Mike Epps hits Detroit's Fox Theatre and unleashes an uncensored torrent of observations about life in the modern age.
The Movie Mike Epps: Under Rated & Never Faded was released in 2009 and lasts 69 minutes. For mature audiences. May not be suitable for children 17 and under. This Movie is Raunchy.

Mike Epps: Under Rated & Never Faded on IMDB

Score: 7 of the 10

The devilishly handsome and raucously funny comic Mike Epps takes the stage in his funniest ever stand-up comedy special. Epps has a knack for the absurd and his commentary on culture and ...

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