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Go! Live Your Way

Show, 2019
Go! Live Your Way
Charismatic Mía gets a scholarship to an elite performing arts school, where she makes close friends but clashes with the owner's popular daughter.
The show Go! Live Your Way is a Netflix Original and was released in 2019. Creator Sebastián Mellino is the co-producer and co-author of songs from “Violetta” and “Soy Luna.” Suitable for all ages.Go! Live Your Way is available on Netflix in Ultra HD/4K quality as long as you have the right Netflix membership plan

Go! Live Your Way on IMDB

Score: 8.2 of the 10

Fiercely talented Mia receives a scholarship to a prestigious dance academy, where she soon clashes with the owner's fashionable and popular daughter.

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Audio: Spanish - Audio Description;French;Spanish [Original];Italian;German;English
Subtitles: English;Spanish;French;Italian;German

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