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Netflix movies and series by Paul W.S. Anderson

2 movies and series directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
February 7, 2019 | Movie | 2016 | 106 minutes
Alice fights to get to Raccoon City and obtain a crucial antivirus, but Dr. Isaacs, Umbrella Corp. and hordes of violent zombies all stand in her way.
Resident Evil: Afterlife
December 10, 2014 | Movie | 2010 | 96 minutes
The Undead Apocalypse continues as super-soldier Alice finds her way to a supposed sanctuary in Los Angeles, which may just be a deadly trap.

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The Big Show Show
Former WWE wrestler the Big Show is out of the ring and ready for an even tougher challenge: raising three daughters with his wife in Florida.
Mine 9
A methane explosion leaves a group of miners trapped two miles deep into the earth with a small oxygen supply and desperate for any means of survival.
Dark Light
Implicated in her daughter's disappearance, a mother searches for answers when she returns to an old family home that may have an unwanted visitor.