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Cyborg 009: Call of Justice

Show, 2017
Cyborg 009: Call of Justice
Years after taking up normal lives incognito, the cyborgs are forced to fight again when the superhuman Blessed appear with a plan for humanity.
The show Cyborg 009: Call of Justice is a Netflix Original and was released in 2017. Supervising director Kenji Kamiyama ("Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex") helms a new vision of the classic manga. This show is Exciting.

Cyborg 009: Call of Justice on IMDB

Score: 5.8 of the 10

The story depicts Shimamura Joe and the other cyborgs' struggle with the Bresudo, a group of people who possess superhuman powers and intellect, and have manipulated human history since ancient times.

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Audio and subtitles

Audio: Spanish;Japanese - Audio Description;French;English;Italian
Subtitles: French;English;Spanish;German;Italian

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