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Crypto Boy

Movie, 2023, 103 minutes
Crypto Boy
Following a dispute with his father, a young man falls prey to cryptocurrency's allure and an entrepreneur's audacious promises of financial freedom.
The movie Crypto Boy is a Netflix Original and was released in 2023 and lasts 103 minutes. Directed by Shady El-Hamus ("Forever Rich"). Starring his brother and father, Shahine El-Hamus and Sabri Saad El-Hamus. For Mature Audiences.Crypto Boy is available on Netflix in Ultra HD/4K quality as long as you have the right Netflix membership plan This movie is Bittersweet, Heartfelt.

Actors in Crypto Boy


Audio and subtitles

Audio: English;Spanish - Audio Description;French - Audio Description;Italian - Audio Description;Dutch - A
Subtitles: English;Spanish;French;Italian;Dutch

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