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Brahms: The Boy II

Movie, 2020, 86 minutes
Brahms: The Boy II
On the heels of trauma, a couple relocates to a remote estate, where their young son bonds to a doll who is very lifelike — and possibly very evil.
The movie Brahms: The Boy II was released in 2020 and lasts 86 minutes. Katie Holmes (“The Kennedys”) and Owain Yeoman (“The Mentalist”) star in this horror sequel. terror, violence, disturbing images and thematic elements. This movie is Chilling, Scary, Suspenseful.

Brahms: The Boy II on IMDB

Score: 4.7 of the 10

The story is about a family moves to a house in a countryside after a son (Jude) and mother (Liza) both traumatised from an unexpected burglary. Jude finds a dirty, dusty porcelain doll and calls it Brahms. Everything then change in a sinister way because of the doll.

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Subtitles: English

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