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Netflix movies and series with Nikhil Dwivedi

3 movies and series starring Nikhil Dwivedi.

My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves
August 27, 2018 | Movie | 2008 | 136 minutes
Nikhil Dwivedi heads the cast as the title character, an aspiring actor who must choose between his conscience and his career in this engaging Bollywood tale.
October 26, 2017 | Movie | 2014 | 111 minutes
A man and a woman on the run from the law are drawn to each other through the common bond of their mutual dependency.
Hate Story
December 10, 2014 | Movie | 2012 | 137 minutes
After she's forced to have an abortion, a journalist turns to prostitution in a scheme to seek revenge against the man who wronged her.

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When a viral outbreak produces a massive zombie influx, a group of commandoes takes on a life-threatening mission to save a scientist with the cure.
Big Kill
A tenderfoot and two gamblers seeking their fortunes in a boom town instead find themselves defending it from a gunslinging preacher and his gang.
Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers
He knows the government's secrets. He knows if aliens are real. And he wants to, finally, tell you the truth.