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Netflix movies and series with Haley Bennett

3 movies and series starring Haley Bennett.

The Girl on the Train
March 3, 2019 | Movie | 2016 | 112 minutes
A voyeuristic divorcee who observes an idyllic couple from afar witnesses a shocking scene that becomes the center of a missing persons mystery.
Hardcore Henry
December 8, 2016 | Movie | 2015 | 96 minutes
Shot entirely like a first-person shooter video game, this film tracks Henry, a cyborg racing to save his wife from a villain with paranormal powers.
The Equalizer
October 1, 2016 | Movie | 2014 | 132 minutes
Retired intelligence operative Robert McCall reluctantly returns to action to protect a young prostitute from brutal members of the Russian Mafia.

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Ben Is Back
A mother is overjoyed when her troubled son returns home for Christmas, but his battle with addiction soon leads to trouble for the entire family.
Mission: Impossible - Fallout
A mission gone wrong forces Ethan Hunt and his team to work with the CIA, and familiar faces, as they race to save the world from nuclear devastation.
The Brawler
Newly famous after challenging Muhammad Ali for a championship title, boxer Chuck Wepner spirals down the slippery slope of being a celebrity.