Were you possibly looking for Movies-Net.com for Netflix USA?

About us

Netflix has also recently become available in Canada with an amazing selection of movies and series to watch indefinitely on your TV, PC, game console, tablet, and even on your phone. The already wide range of content is updated with new releases every week.

However, Netflix does not offer the possibility of quickly browsing these new releases in an orderly way. Also, search options within the various Netflix apps and the website are very limited. The jumble of unofficial Netflix websites that sprung from the ground in the months after launch have only been partially successful in solving this problem.

That is why Binq Media, in accordance with the concept of our other websites, has neatly arranged and made it easier to search the Netflix library through the website OnNetflix.ca. Although we think we have done a good job, we are always open to suggestions for further improvement of OnNetflix.ca. Do you have a great idea? We are happy to hear it!